Jorge Hernandez Ajqui
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My name is Jorge Hernandez Ajqui. I'm a 14-year-old boy.

My birthday is
June 11, 2005.
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My Story

Dear Sponsor,

Hello! How are you? It is a great pleasure for me to greet you through this letter and I pray God blesses you greatly. Thank God, my whole family and I are in good health. I am repeating my fourth grade this year because I worked and studied at the same time last year and I could not get good grades. In the afternoons, I help to do some household chores and I work in the corn crops. Now, I am dedicating more time to study and pass my grade. When I am older, I want to work in a grocery store in order to have my own money and help my mother financially. My father abandoned us many years ago and established a new family with another woman. We do not have any type of communication with him.

My mother is a housewife and she grows green tomatoes for selling in the local plaza. She also works as a day laborer with our neighbors to improve our income. My brother Efrain is already married, Paula is eight years old and is in first grade, and Josue Abraham is five years old. I thank you for loving me and I would like to ask you to pray for my family and me so that we always have the necessities to live. I pray God blesses and takes care of your family and you. My family attends Prince of Peace Church and I love singing praises. I thank you for all the support you have given me through the feeding program and clinic. I say goodbye to you for now hoping to have news from you.

With much love

Jorge Hernandez Ajqui

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/AAC Secretary