Jessica Heisel Concepcion Tunay Ortiz
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About Me
My name is Jessica Heisel Concepcion Tunay Ortiz. I'm a 16-year-old.

My birthday is
September 6, 2007.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

This is Jessica, and I am delighted to share a little about my life with you. My family and I are Catholics, so we are members of a community called St. Pablo. We usually attend it every Monday. We have seen God’s fidelity in our lives through many blessings. One of them has been LW, and we are grateful because we have received so much help there. Besides that, the staff has shared the gospel with us to strengthen our faith. They took advantage of that moment to collect this information for you. My mother, Jessica Tunay, works by making and selling tortillas. She also takes care of an old woman to get extra income. She strives daily to support the necessities of our family. However, our resources are lower, so it has been hard for her to cover all the bills at home and school for my cousins, siblings, and me. Our priorities are food supplies and a bed. My mother suffers from fatty liver, but she is stable at the moment. She is not taking medicines for now, but she will go to the doctor soon to know the next step to treat her condition. Therefore, I would like to count on your prayers for her.

I am fifteen years old and my health is in good condition. I look forward to becoming a lawyer when I am older. Nowadays, I am in seventh grade again and classes are face-to-face. This school method is the best to increase your knowledge. People say that learning a new language provides you with better job opportunities. English catches my attention, so I would like to learn how to speak that language someday. My favorite holiday is Mother’s Day because I love doing handicrafts for my mom to make her happy and celebrate. I like drinking hot beverages, but my favorite is Chocolate. My birthday will be in September. What I like the most is having a delicious dinner made by my mother. The meal may be simple, but it will be made with love, and that makes me feel happy. My favorite sport is soccer. Thank you so much for reading my news! I say goodbye for now, but I send you my best wishes through this letter.

In the name of Jesus,

Jessica Heisel Concepcion Tunay Ortiz

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary / Antigua Guatemala