Gender Male
Birth Date Dec 20, 2016
Age 2 years old
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Erald is at present two years old. He is doing well and in good health. He spends his time playing at home with car-toys. His favorite color is blue. Erald has two brothers and a sister. The name of his older brother is Mateo who is at present eight years old. Erald has a twin brother whose name is Elvis. Vace is Erald’s only sister. She is the oldest of the family, twelve years old.  She cares for Erald and Elvis while they attend our programme.

Erald attends twice a week, every Monday and Thursday our feeding program at Rodokal, enjoying the combined warm meals cooked and served to the participating children. Erald likes the fried chicken, sausages, pasta and rice served by our cooks. He attends the Bible classes for the children who are same age with him and enjoys singing to praise the Lord Jesus and learning from God’s Word. At the end of the Bible lesson, he and the other children spend time to color or draw at our feeding centre under the care of our teachers. Erald also has the possibility to gain a free dental care offered at our dental clinic in Kotodesh.

Erald’s father works in the village for the people who hire him, doing different kinds of jobs to provide the income to the family. He doesn’t earn much from such sorts of jobs and this has left the family be in very poor conditions for living. The family owns some land in which they have planted wheat as they make their own bread at home. The harvest of this year was not as productive due to bad weather. The family has recently planted beans and corn. Beans are the basic meal on the table and the corn is used as stock food for the two cows they keep. They gain besides the milk other sub products as cheese, butter, etc. They might sell a calf during the year to earn just a bit more of income. The mother recently will collect vegetables and preserve them to be used during the winter. She will also make jam out of their cherries, plums or grapes, only a few little vases.

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