Luis Enrique Caal Sapon
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My name is Luis Enrique Caal Sapon. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
August 21, 2010.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

I send you special greetings hoping you are doing great. I am Luis Enrique.  I am 10 years old and I live along with my family. I attend 4th grade at school and for now I do not know if I will have my classes online or face to face. Last year I had classes online and studying at home is a little complicated because I need to have internet and my parents do not have enough resources to pay for it. My father is working as a sales promoter and my mother works in a company in a production area of chicken soup.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic my mother lost her job and this affected us economically. During that time, we were surviving with my father´s wage and our Lord´s faithfulness toward us. We thank God who has been providing the necessities for us and has never left us without our meals on our table. We know that God is moving generous hearts to bless us. God is our heavenly father, our savior and provider. We received groceries as a support from Living Water/ Adopt A Child which are so helpful to my family. Thank you for seeing me as your neighbor and giving me your support through LW. My family and I pray that our Lord continues blessing each area of your life. Fortunately, nobody in my family has been infected with covid-19, thanks to our Lord. My family and I are not attending any church due to lack of time. I say goodbye to you for now. Many blessings for you and your lovely family!

Lot of hugs,

Luis Enrique Caal Sapon

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua