Maria Magdalena Mendez Luis
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My name is Maria Magdalena Mendez Luis. I'm a 5-year-old.

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March 1, 2018.
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Pasojoc is an area located high on the side of a mountain in the state of Quiché, Guatemala. Life in this area is very difficult and very isolated from the outside world. It is more than a two-hour walk to the nearest market town of Zacualpa. Pasojoc is a farming area where corn and black beans, the staple elements in their diet, are the major corps. The Quiché Mayans who inhabit this area trace their ancestral roots to the ancient Mayan civilization. They normally speak a Mayan dialect called Quiché - however, Spanish is becoming more common. Very little money ever changes hands in this area as they live on a barter system.

Hello, my name is Maria Magdalena Mendez Luis. I was born on March 1, 2018 in Zacualpa, Quiche, and I am 5 years old. I am a healthy girl. I am not enrolled at school yet due to my young age. I enjoy playing with dolls at home. My favorite color is pink, and I love goats. My favorite food is fried chicken. I have one brother and two sisters. I walk to the program in thirty minutes.  As a family, we attend the Prince of Peace Church. I am under the care of my mother.

My father’s name is Juan Israel Mendez Tzoy.  He lives and works in the United States since 2 years ago. He earns a living by working in a dairy in order to supply our economic needs, and we have communication with him twice a week.  My mother’s name is Rogelia Luis Mendez, and she is a housewife and take care of us. In addition, she raises hens to sell and get some income. We live in our own house. It has two rooms and one separated kitchen. Our house is made of adobe, tin sheet roof and dirt floors. We have running water. We do not have electricity, but my grandmother shares it with us, and every month they make the payments. We have some hens at home, but we would like to have some chickens. As a humble family, our need is groceries. This is my personal information, and I hope you find it interesting to read. I want to let you know that my mother gave this information to LW evangelism team.  God bless you greatly!

Lots of love,

Maria Magdalena Mendez Luis

Translated by:  Gladys Chavez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua