Janeth Leticia Mendez Gutierrez
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My name is Janeth Leticia Mendez Gutierrez. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
November 25, 2007.
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My Story

Hello! Before anything else, I want to express to you my gratitude for taking time to read my letter. I hope you are doing well along with your family. My name is Janeth Leticia Mendez Gutierrez, and I am 13 years old. Currently, I am in sixth grade. Due to the current situation, I attend school from eight to twelve o’clock on Mondays and Wednesdays. At the end of that period of time, I usually hand in homework. Fortunately, this study method has been good for me because I learn my lessons so well. My father works farming the land to cover our family expenses. In addition, He goes to the coast to cut sugar cane. On the other hand, my mother works hard doing the chores and taking care of my siblings and me.

Covid-19 has affected many people’s lives; in our case, this has affected us economically. Thankfully, we have been able to go ahead with the school’s support. God’s mercy has covered our lives since nobody has gotten the virus and we are healthy. I also want to tell you that Living Water brought us help. The grocery bags were a great blessing which helped us to save money. So, I am so grateful to you for loving and watching over us through the ministry. Fortunately, we are able to attend of Prince of Peace Church for a couple of hours on Wednesday. Finally, let me tell you that my mother Estela Garcia assisted a member of the Evangelism team to update this information about me by phone, since the staff want to protect us from the current pandemic. May God take care of you and multiply your goods!

Thinking of you,

Janeth Leticia Mendez Gutierrez

Translated by: Hillary Popol, AAC Secretary/Antigua