Walter De La Cruz
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About Me
My name is Walter De La Cruz. I'm a 18-year-old.

My birthday is
February 25, 2003.
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Cuatro Caminos

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My Story

I hope you and your family are in good health. I am Walter De La Cruz and I am eighteen years old. I did not want to continue with my studies since some years ago. I work in a grocery store for two months because it is located far away and then I return home to rest for a month. I contribute a little with the home expenses. Unfortunately, my father has another family and he does not help us economically. My mother weaves typical clothes at home and raises hens for selling. The pandemic has affected us in our economy because there is not much work. We are surviving selling hens and with the groceries bags that we are receiving from the feeding program.

We have seen God´s faithfulness in our lives through the support that we received from LW. We are grateful to God because he never has left us without food. Thank you for blessing us with the groceries because no one else has cared about us and it has been a great help for us. May God bless you! Fortunately, we have not been infected by the virus and we are healthy. We are attending Methodist Church every Monday. Let me tell you that one of the evangelism teachers called me and I gave this information by phone due to the current situation. I say goodbye to you for now wishing you many blessings.

In Jesus name,

Walter De La Cruz

Translated by: Esther Hernández, AAC Secretary/Antigua