Jefferson Estuardo Monroy Tunchez
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About Me
My name is Jefferson Estuardo Monroy Tunchez. I'm a 13-year-old.

My birthday is
March 15, 2010.
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Nueva Esperanza

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My Story

Hello! I hope that things are going well with you on this day. It is a pleasure to write you again and tell you a little about me. I am Jefferson Estuardo Monroy Tunchez, and I turned 13 years old on March 15. It was a wonderful time for me because my family celebrates with a dinner because I do not like cake. This 2023, I attended 7th grade. I prefer to receive classes face-to-face because I learn better, and our teachers explain well. For my mother, it was difficult to cover my school fees since she is the only one who works. I would like to be policeman and learning English would be a nice experience to improve my employment opportunities. Christmas is close, and it is the best time of the year because I like the firecrackers. The sport that I like the most is football. I loved drinking coca cola. We have two dogs at home.


Let me tell you about my family. Thank God, we are all well. As you know my father is Jenner Neftaly Monroy. He remains in jail, and he has been there for 12 years. Currently, he is 36 years old. Meanwhile, my mother is the only one who supports our family; her job consists of placing and promoting products in a supermarket. Her name is Dayrin Maricela Tunchez Rabanales, and she is 37 years old. My stepfather is currently unemployed, but we trust in God that he will provide a job for him soon. His name is Brayan Samayoa, and he is 40 years old. We attend a Christian Church four days a week. We were pleased to receive LW teachers who shared the Gospel and encouraged us to continue in the ways of the Lord. We are a humble family, and our greatest needs right now are groceries and shoes. Living Water and you are very important for us because you arrived when we needed help the most. We have had medical and dental services which is a blessing for us. God bless you and take care of you.

Take care of yourself,

Jefferson Estuardo Monroy Tunchez,


Translated by: Lucia Veronica Gravez Zuñiga