Manuela Fernanda Gutierrez Ojer
Ref# DU2544

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My name is Manuela Fernanda Gutierrez Ojer. I'm a 11-year-old.

My birthday is
January 4, 2013.
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My Story

It is a beautiful day to say hello to you and I trust in God you are doing well! My name is Manuela Fernanda Gutierrez Ojer. I am an 11-year-old girl. This year I am repeating 3rd grade and I receive classes in the morning shift. I help my mother with the housework, especially now she is recovering from a surgery. My stepfather works for a construction materials store and he delivers the materials in Dueñas village. He sustains the family. My mother does the chores and looks after our family. This time, I want to tell you that my mother recently had two gallbladder surgeries. After the first surgery, she did some medical tests and doctors found something wrong, so they had to do another surgery so to remove what they found. She is taking analgesic pills for pain, and because of that, I ask for your prayers for her recovery. Our pets are two dogs and one cat.

I love the Christmas activity that evangelism teachers prepare in the feeding program; it is very special. The meal I love the most from the program is “Pepian” (a typical dish). I like the job that the evangelism team does, and someday, I would like to join the team and serve. I am so thankful for all the support and medical care that I receive through Living Water; it is a great help for my family. For now, we do not attend any church. The evangelism team invited us to look for a church; we appreciate they are worried about our spiritual life. I want to ask for your prayers for the well-being and provision of my family. I hope you enjoy letter. May God bless you wherever you go!

Bunch of hugs,

Manuela Fernanda Gutierrez Ojer

Translated by: Violeta Hernandez / A-A-C Secretary-Antigua Guatemala