Manuela Maricela Morente Martin
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My name is Manuela Maricela Morente Martin. I'm a 17-year-old.

My birthday is
April 28, 2006.
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My Story

Hello! How are you? This is Manuela Maricela Morente Martin, and I am writing this letter just for you. First, I want to tell you about my family. We have Jesus in our hearts, and we serve Him at Prince of Peace Church; we attend services twice a week. Our income is low, so we are in need of groceries and firewood. We grow corn and black beans for our consumption, and we have hens and pigs at home. My mother’s name is Sebastiana, and she is 43 years old. She looks after the family and embroiders napkins to help financially. My father’s name is Carlos, and he is 46 years old. He works as a mason from Monday to Saturday. My parents have been having personal problems, and my father is not contributing a lot with the home expenses.

Living Water is very important for me, and I am grateful for the food and presents received at the feeding program. I am healthy, and I am 17 years old. I am working as a maid three times a week. I would like to become a singer when I am older. I want to improve my Spanish since I speak Quiche dialect. I enjoy receiving a cake when it is my birthday. I love Christmas time because I prepare the traditional “tamales” with my mother. I like playing soccer and drinking coffee. I tell you that Living Water blessed us with a water well, so we could have running water. But unfortunately, a lot of sand entered the well due to the heavy rain and it was damaged. We have to fix it, but it costs about Q3500.00 quetzals (US $468) and we do not have the resources for it. Please pray for us so that we can solve this situation. I say goodbye to you for now.

With much love

Manuela Maricela Morente Martin

Translated by: Loyda de Osorio/A-A-C Secretary, Antigua Guatemala