Gender Male
Birth Date Feb 01, 2009
Age 10 years old
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Klavi is at present nine years old. He is doing well and is in good health. Klavi attends the fourth grade at school and is doing well with the lessons. His favorite subject in his class is Mathematic. Klavi likes to be a doctor when he grows up, so he can be close to the people who suffer from different illnesses. His favorite color is blue. Klavi lives in low Rodokal. His home is at least an hour far from school and from the feeding programme centre. Most of the time the children from this area walk to come to school and this gets harder during the fall or winter.

Klavi attends regularly twice a week, every Monday and Thursday our feeding program at Rodokal, enjoying the combined meals cooked and served to the participating children. He likes the fried chicken, sausages, pasta and rice served by our cooks. Klavi attends the Bible classes for the children who are same age with him and enjoys singing to praise the Lord Jesus and learning from God’s Word. At the end of the Bible lesson, he and the other children spend time to play at our feeding centre under the care of our teachers. Klavi comes with his friends from low Rodokal so they can all walk back to their homes being altogether.

Klavi and his parents live in a small home in Rodokal. He is the only child in his family.  The father and mother make the living working hard in the lands they own in the village and try their best to keep animals and care for them in order to benefit sub products. Mostly the people in the village will keep a cow or a few goats. They are living among hardships and unable to support all needed. Whenever the father has a possibility to find a job, he is also emigrating and working over in Greece or Macedonia. In the country the job possibilities are very limited and most households are jobless.  

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